Assessment & tests

"Our child is not feeling well in his or her school setting.
We don’t know what is wrong..."

"The adjustment for children from primary school
to high-school is big. Together we want to make
the right choice..."

What can we do for your son or daughter?

Kwaliteot en achtergrond van een Studie Nanny

You can come to us for assessment, advice and tailored specialist guidance, including:

  • Learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia, AD(H)D, autism);
  • Cognitive Capacity and Intelligence Assessment
  • School choice;
  • Concentration;
  • Profile and career choice.

The assessment is translated into suitable and useful tools for the student, the parents, the school and third parties. We give a personal and practical advice that you, your child and / or third parties can do something with. All examinations and advice are carried out by child psychologisch and health care psychologists (among others, member of the Dutch Association of Orthopedagogists).