Christmas holidays: time for relaxing (and a bit for school)

The end of the year is almost here. A well-deserved Christmas holiday is coming. Most people are already looking forward to it at the beginning of December. Besides the dinners, carols and the fireworks, it is also useful to see what can be done for your schoolwork! Perhaps it is necessary to catch up on your assignments, but you can also prepare some tests ahead. The Christmas holiday is an excellent time to do this.


Schedule your time smartly

Since it is vacation, there is no need to go to school. You do not have to worry about homework for the next day. Therefore, it is very smart to use your days off to look ahead or to catch up on your schoolwork. Plan a few moments in the holiday on which you will work for school, and plan also fun things to do. After the holiday, you will have done all your work plus you did enjoyable things! Who doesn’t want that?!


Catch up on your schoolwork

If you do not understand a subject of biology at all, you can spend a few hours on this subject during your holiday. You can do this, for example, by looking up explanations on the internet or read the material from your classes again. For subjects such as mathematics or economics you now have the time to make extra assignments. This way you practice with the material. Also, you have time to look up and watch informative videos about history or geography topics. If necessary, you can ask a friend, sibling or neighbour to look at your homework assignments together. This way the person can help you and explain things for you. When the holiday is over you can just continue where you left off.


Work ahead

You also have time to make summaries or mindmaps. As soon as the test comes up, you already have prepared your summary. This saves you work after the holiday, since you have homework to do every day then. You can also start preparing a paper which is planned for February. If you work on it for two hours in the morning, you still have the whole afternoon to go ice skating with your friends or watch a nice movie! If you plan your holiday like this, you can do a lot fun things, and you will be less busy with your schoolwork when school starts again.

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