Exclusive, personalized study coaching


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In general, the Dutch education system is very good. But not much attention is paid to learning study skills for the future: the 21st century learning skills.

It is important that children can develop their talents to the top of their abilities and they can grow into an independent individual. If they are able to do that they will lay the foundation for societal success and personal happiness.

We offer study coaching at the highest level. With the help of an individual coach your child will grow into a robust and developed personality in your own trusted environment.

If desired we can provide help beyond study coaching. Study Nanny/Coach at Home Exclusive also caters to any additional requests with regard to any needs you may have in the relation to the development of your son or daughter. For example:

  • Specialize support for learning disabilities and learning impediments: like AD(H)D and dyslexia.
  • Advising and coaching by the Orthopedagogical Practice Maltha.
  • School pick up for your child.
  • Expansion of the Study Nanny’s/Coach’s working hours.
  • Issues arising because your son or daughter is unable to attend school for an extended period of time.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if you are interested in hiring a Study Nanny/Coach for your children. In a personal and confidential conversation we will explain our services and establish your personal wishes.