Learning Dutch as a second language

There may be various reasons for wanting to learn the Dutch language. For example because you come to live here, or because you simply find it a beautiful language. Few people speak the Dutch language around the world. How can you easily start learning the language of this small country?


The current Dutch language

Dutch contains many words that originate from the English and German language. Therefore many words from these languages look and sound similar. In our language we even copied some words from the English language, such as ‘gaming’ and ‘intensive care’. The Dutch language spoken today, without an accent, is called ABN. This is an abbreviation for ‘Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands’ meaning ‘Common Civilized Dutch’. Although the Netherlands is only a small country, many people speak with an accent such as ‘Limburgs’ with a soft G. Some youngsters in the Netherlands have their own slang. In Friesland (a province in the north) people speak ‘Frisian’.


Start learning Dutch yourself

A nice way to get familiar with the Dutch language is to watch a series in English with Dutch subtitles. Or other way around if you want to hear the Dutch audio. Then you can start watching a Dutch series, for example on the platform Videoland, but with English subtitles. There are also several apps, such as ‘Duolingo’, to learn languages. Here you can practice Dutch words in a fun, low-threshold way. In addition, children’s books, such as Nijntje, are useful for recognizing Dutch words. There you can find Dutch words with pictures and easy short stories.


Learning proper Dutch

Meet some native Dutchies. The Dutch people will be open to help you speak Dutch and they won’t hesitate to help you improve your pronunciation. Ttrying to speak our language will be appreciated and you should not worry about mispronunciation or other mistakes. People will help you and will make it easy for you!

In addition, the internet offers various courses for Dutch lessons. In the Netherlands there are also schools where you can take a Dutch language course. These are available to both children and adults. Children who attend an international school receive courses in English, but they can take Dutch lessons to learn the language. Furthermore, a study coach can help you study the Dutch words and practice with grammar and spelling.

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