“Learning how to learn” course


For children between the ages of six and eighteen we offer a “learning how to learn” course.

In twelve weeks we teach the children several skills:

  • How to plan their homework;
  • A learning style that is personalized to the child;
  • Subject specific approaches to learning (studying for history is different from studying for French);
  • General study skills.

It is a twelve week course for a group of at most six children. During the course we will spend about one third of the time on explaining and discussing the theory and the remaining time will be spent on applying the discussed theory on the child’s own homework.

We offer this course in your own home, safely at the kitchen table. This way you can be assured that your child is at home working on their homework and improving their study skills.

It is also possible to form a group with the children of your friends/family. The group can consist of at most six children, aged between six and eighteen.

This means that the children will be meeting with the Study Nanny/Coach at your home and you can share the costs.

If you have any questions or are interested in hiring a Study Nanny/Coach for your children, do not hesitate to contact us.