Learning words

You may already hate the idea of it, but everyone in high school has to deal with it. You can’t skip it. I’m talking about learning words. What are the benefits of doing it and what is the best way to do it? It can be read in this blog!


Why is it necessary?

In high school you get French and German courses in addition to Dutch and English. These languages have their own grammar rules and words. An extensive vocabulary is necessary to express yourself and to handle the language abroad. Learning new words can be done best in the following way:


What does it take?

Divide: it is best to divide the long list into small rows.
Read: you start by reading all the words with accompanying translation, until you begin to recognize them.
Remember: then you start by learning the small rows one by one. You do this by first reading the words and repeating them in your head. Then you read the words and try to remember the translation. Repeat this until you know them.
Write: if you manage to say the right words out loud, it is wise to write it down. First, because you use a second sense and then you can remember it better. Secondly, because you also learn how to write it, and not just how you say a word.
Translate: you write down the translation of the word. To test yourself also write down the English word again. This repetition also ensures that you can remember it better.
Repeat: this way you repeat all rows, until you have had all the words.
Difficult words: if there are words that remain difficult, you create a new row to practice those words a bit better.
Done: if you follow these steps and approach each language this way, you should be all right.


Point of attention

Sometimes there are also verbs between the rows of words. The word itself is the whole verb, but it can differ per personal pronoun. It is therefore important to learn the conjugations as well. This way you know the translation of the verb and you can also use it in a good grammatical way!

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