My child has problems staying focused

Everybody has trouble focussing at times. For example it is difficult to stay focused when you are tired, if you have to do something that you don’t enjoy or if you are in a distracting environment. But it is also difficult to stay focussed when you are trying to do a lot of things at the same time. Sometimes it seems convenient to do a lot of things at the same time but unfortunately it really isn’t. Our brains can only handle one thing a time: so you can only stay focused on one thing at the time. And even that is easier for some than others.

Focus issues and school

Some children have trouble focussing, so they have difficulty following along in class. So they have difficulty paying attention and staying focused on the subject. Their mind starts to wander or they keep getting distracted by outside stimuli. When you fail to stay focused you have to start over again, that takes a lot of time! For many children that will cause them to fall behind on their schoolwork and they will become stressed and frustrated which will make it more difficult to stay motivated for school.

You can learn how to focus

Fortunately there are solutions! Staying focused depends on a lot of factors, like you surroundings, how you are feeling, if you are interested in a subject, the way you learn of do your homework and your personality. Regardless if you only sometimes have difficulty staying focused or if you have a structural problem because of an attention disorder like ADD of ADHD, a Study Nanny/Coach at Home helps all children how to improve their ability to stay focused.

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