Rates and References

Experiences from parents and children

"We strongly value the opinion of our clients.
That’s why we send out a customer
satisfaction questioner twice a year."

On average our service is
valued with 7,9 out of 10.

"Good and personal guidance,
I now know how I should study and
my grades are there to prove it."

"Over the past three months I’ve had a Study Nanny
and already have a better understanding of
what I'm doing and how I can plan my schoolwork.
I have more time to relax in the evenings".

"My Studie Nanny takes the time to help me.
She understands what I find the most difficult
and helps me solve it"

Are you considering a Study Nanny/Coach at Home? Here is a short overview of the available services.

Studie Nanny/Coach at Home

A Study Nanny/Coach teaches children aged six to eighteen study skills. For children in primary education this is done in a playful manner. For children in secondary education the focus is on how to study.

It is also possible to form a group with the children of your friends/family. The group can consist of at most six children, aged between six and eighteen. This means that the children will be meeting with the Study Nanny/Coach at your home and you can share the costs.

The hourly rate is €13.03 per child (for a group of six children). The Study Nanny/Coach will be at your home for four hours per afternoon.


“Learning how to learn” course

For children between the ages of six and eighteen we have a “learning how to learn” course.

In twelve weeks we teach the children several skills:

  • How to plan their homework;
  • A learning style that is personalized to the child;
  • Subject specific approaches to learning (studying for history is different from studying for French);
  • General study skills.

It is a twelve week course for a group of at most six children. Each appointment is three hours long.

The hourly rate is €62,80 per child per afternoon (for a group of five children).


Study coaching at home

We offer study coaching at home for children between the ages of six and eighteen. We teach the children how to learn in a practical manner. We teach the children study skills using their own schoolwork to apply the learned study skills.

The hourly rate for study coaching at home is €78.50. Study coaching at home is offered in three hour blocks (excluding preparation and travel time) per afternoon.


Support for children with learning disabilities

Studying while dealing with learning disabilities requires different skills of your child. We will teach your child these skills and how to apply these skills in a practical manner. A plan of action will be made with the needs of your child as as the starting point.

The hourly rate for support geared towards children with learning disabilities is €78.50. Study coaching at home is offered in three hour blocks (excluding preparation and travel time) per afternoon.


Exclusive, personalized study coaching

We offer study coaching at the highest level. With the help of an individual coach your child will grow into a robust and developed personality in your own trusted environment.

If desired we can provide help beyond study coaching. Study Nanny/Coach at Home Exclusive also caters to additional requests with regard to any needs you may have in the relation to the development of your son or daughter.

We would love to discuss your needs and the available services in a personal conversation.


Further information

Would you like further information? Please do not hesitate to contact us or view our available Study Nanny’s here.

In the event that no Study Nanny/Coach at Home is available in your area at the moment, you will be placed on a waitlist.



Due to the privacy of our clients we are unable to provide references.