Training and background

All our Study Nanny’s / Coaches are highly educated experts in Psychology, Pedagogy, Educational or a similar study. During their studies, the Study Nanny’s / Coaches gained the necessary theoretical knowledge about the various problems that a child and teenager can face.

Before they get started, they follow an in house training in
which the following topics are discussed:

  • Study skills, study methodologies: A Study Nanny / Coach learns about the best ways to teach your child study skills and study methodologies teaches you how to teach your child study skills in the best way.
  • Sociology and Etiquette teaching: A Study Nanny / Coach learns manners and etiquette they must apply within the life sphere of your family.
  • Safety Science: Every Study Nanny / Coach has completed an in house emergency services course so that they know which actions they must take during emergencies.
  • Signalling of learning disabilities and learning disabilities: In addition, extensive attention is paid to the full range of learning disabilities and disorders that a pupil may encounter during the study program. A Study Nanny / Coach fulfills a signalling function. If a Study Nanny / Coach suspects that there your child ha a learning problem or disorder, this is immediately discussed with you and a possible treatment plan can be drawn up.