Study Coaching at Home

Many children can improve the way they learn in order to become more effective learners. They can improve the way they learn to not only need less time to learn, but also to improve their quality of learning.


How can study coaching help your child?

It’s important that children learn “how to learn” at a young age because it will benefit them now and in the future. Learning more effectively is for example possible by learning how to quickly know the essence of a text, to make connections and to reproduce the gained knowledge.


What are the benefits of Study Coaching at Home?

Study coaching has a lot of benefits, we show your child how to plan their schoolwork and how to learn which helps your child prepare for their future. The study nanny and the child will work with planner they made together. There is both a planning that covers test preparations which spans several weeks as well as daily planning.

Other benefits are that the children are at home, where they feel safe and comfortable and after the coaching, they can immediately eat and relax or go to their sports.


How does study coaching work?

A study nanny comes to your home after school. How often the study nanny is present during the week is dependent on the needs of the child. There will be worked with planners made by the study nanny and the child. Both a schedule for several weeks in which test preparations are listed, as a daily schedule. In the daily planning is listed what homework and learning work the child work on that day, in which sequence and how long they will work on each subject. The study nanny monitors the way the child works and learns and helps to improve the way they learn and work. Learning a language is very different from learning subjects like history or biology and how a child learns best is different for every child. The study nanny learns the child different learning styles and together they explore what fits best for the child. Thereby the ch ild is given tools to help make tests and are aids, like movies and practice exercises searched for when a child has difficulties with a specific subject. Also, attention is given to possible learning disorders and corresponding difficulties.

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