What does an afternoon look like?


Learn to study for now and for later

‘Learning to study’ is central. It is important that your son or daughter can plan their time in high-school efficiently and in the right way. By learning how to study your son or daughter will go through their high-school years faster and with better results.

Hoe ziet een middag van een middelbare scholier eruit?What does and afternoon look like?

Your son or daughter will start the afternoon with doing their homework for the next day and studying for tests in the upcoming week. Your son or daughter will be coached “on the job” by the study coach. The study coach focuses on different study techniques and skills such as:

  • Planning (short and long term).
  • Mind mapping, summarising.
  • Creating their own test or questions

Our study coach provides tailored work. The study coach takes in to account the needs of your son or daughter. The study coach provides extra material for practicing or films to better
explain the subject.

Apart from the study coaching, you and your son or daughter will get access to the online study coaching training. You and your son or daughter can also get started with this at home. This online platform also provides the base for the study coaches.