What does an afternoon look like?


Hoe ziet een middag van een basisschool scholier eruit?Primary school: Playfully learning how to learn

“Learning is fun” is the central theme. Toddlers and pre-schoolers have fun when they learn new things (think about when they made their first steps).

As children get older, learning can become more challenging which results in them having less fun. A study nanny shows your child a different way of learning by offering it in a playful yet effective way. Study Nanny at Home makes learning fun with the help of different themes.

What does an afternoon for a primary school child look like?

  • Circle discussion:

Relax with a cookie and a cup of tea and talk about their day at

  • Homework-club:

It isn’t always fun, but it has to be done. If the child has homework we will spend half an hour on it and the study nanny will take that opportunity to practise some of the learning skills the child has already learned.

  • Fun workshops:

Next on the agenda is the fun workshops (s moet hier weg). This is always in line with the theme, such as planning or learning how to
concentrate. Potential negative emotions of the child about the theme are worked on and transformed into positive ones. The children don’t see the fun workshops (s moet hier weg) as hard work but as fun and relaxing. An example of a fun workshop is baking cookies. The goal here is to learn how to plan and to work together as a group. In order to bake cookies the child must be able to plan. They learn to think about the task work order. Can you just start or do you first have to search for a recipe and make a shopping list? And in what order do we have to work and who does what?

  • Relaxation:

At the end of the afternoon the children are free to relax. They can play games that suits the theme of the day or read a book or play football.