The perfect homework afternoon in 7 steps

You get home after a long day at school and you have a lot of homework for tomorrow. What steps should you take to do your homework in the best possible way?

  1. Eat and drink something
    Take a moment to eat and drink something when you come home. This is important because you can’t work properly on an empty stomach.
  2. Create a nice study environment
    Make sure you’re in a place with sufficient lighting, a pleasant temperature and little noise. It is important that the table is cleared so that you have a good overview. Keep the books you need for your homework nearby.
  3. Put your phone away!
    If your phone is on the table it is very tempting to send a message or check your Facebook status. So put your phone away and put it on silent so that you are not easily distracted.
  4. Make a schedule
    Make a schedule for what you want to do that afternoon and how much time you want to spend per course. Planning is important, because with this you ensure that all your homework is done and finished in time. In addition, it gives you a good overview of what you still have to do that day and what you have already done.
  5. Study first
    Start with the most important study material for the next day and then do the rest of your homework. This sequence is important because at the beginning of the afternoon you have more focus than at the end of the afternoon. You need this focus when you’re learning for a test.
  6. Take a break
    If necessary, plan a break halfway. This is useful, because maybe you can focus better again after the break.
  7. Pack your bag
    When you’re done, pack your bag for the next school day. If you take your time for this you can be sure that you have all the stuff packed and you will not be surprised in class.
  8. You’re all set!

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