The right way to study for tests

The new year has begun and you will get tests at school again. Unfortunately, not the nicest thing there is, but you can make it as easy as possible for yourself. You do this by preparing the right way, by using a schedule and handling the right studying technics. If you want to know how you should study for your exams, a study coach can help you!


A schedule for tests

An important aspect of the preparation for your tests is making a schedule. When you do not make a schedule, it may happen that you have too little time to go through all the study material. Or you do not get to practicing the exercises. Or you can not repeat everything, so you do not remember it properly.

A schedule shows you an overview (of your study material) of the period preceding your tests. You write out which day you will prepare which course. The best thing to do is to be specific, so write also down which chapter/paragraph. When you do this, and you keep up to your schedule, you will have learned and repeated all the material and exercises on time.


Study technics for tests

The courses at school can differ enormously from each other. Take for example economy and French. There is a lot of theory and understanding in the first one, but many words and grammar rules in the other one. This therefore requires a different learning technique. If you have a course with a book that contains a lot of text, it is recommended to summarize the texts. During the making of the summary you already read the text intensively. Afterwards this summary will save you time when you repeat the theory.

Most courses have a book with exercises, which you have made in class or at home. It is wise to practice (a few of) these exercises as preparation for the test. If you have to study words and sentences from foreign languages, you should divide the rows into smaller rows. Start learning on time and make sure you can repeat them. This will help you remember them better.


A study coach to help with tests

It all sounds easier said than done. You need a lot of discipline and insight to prepare yourself for all tests and to make sure you get a high note. It is therefore not surprising that sometimes you would want some extra help here. Fortunately, that help exists! Study coaches are specially trained to teach you how to plan and study as well as possible. They teach you how to make a schedule that suits your learning pace and fits with your weekly activities. They also learn you how to study the subjects best and with which preparation you easily get a high note!

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